Hi! My name’s Emily.

This is my very first post so, as such, I guess I’ll give you guys a quick run down of who I am and what I like.

I currently work at a center dedicated to aiding autistic young people with their communication skills through the usage of robotics. I love my job and the impact we have on people’s lives, so I’ve been inspired to develop my own app to further help with their learning progress at home. This app is just an idea that I hope I can eventually bring to life. I can’t exactly code, so I’ve started coding classes to make it happen.

Other than spending my nights coding, in my spare time I practice the ancient art of origami. There’s really nothing like it and I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a hobby. You might see a tutorial video or two on here, so I hope you’ll get to appreciate the art form just as much as I do 🙂

I think more than anything I started this blog as an outlet for some of my thoughts. As we get older, things change, you know? Everybody’s settling down, or evolving, getting ready for a lifetime of who knows what, and I’m really just trying to figure myself out one step at a time. I think this will be a fun ride, and I hope you enjoy it while I share it with the world.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little bit!