On Perfectionism

So, I’ve noticed, that I have perfectionism tendencies. And let me just clarify that I see this is a character defect. I’ve been speaking with close friends about best ways of cope with this… and as of recently I have come across new insights I think are worth sharing.

I took one of my first steps away from perfectionism yesterday when I first shared the design concept of the app I’ve been working on for months, years really… since I first come up with the idea about 2 years ago. I honestly thought that keeping this idea of mine a secret and working incessantly on it until it was perfect was the best way to go about it before presenting it to the world. But, as of recently I have learned the importance of feedback and iteration, and how is better to get people’s opinions and improve on what you are doing little by little than working on a bubble and expecting everything to come together at once.

Being honest and open about your own ideas is scary, because perhaps your ideas are still taking shape. But the anxiety that comes from that initial fear is often the main issue to manage and not the ideas themselves. Dealing with that nervousness, with that anxiety, is what’s at the root of the perfectionism problem. Alas, I’ll have to admit that learning to code has further complicated my ability to deal with imperfection. In programming a single mistake can make everything fail and I constantly need to triple check everything I do. So to keep balanced now I have to be even more mindful not to bring that compulsion into the rest of my life.

One of the many reasons I first took on origami was to work on meditative patience. I think the art of origami is not really about getting every single figure right the first time… is about the journey of discovering something uniquely beautiful in each new fold, and sharing that joyous journey with others. It’s about contemplating the beauty of how things are right now, knowing that tomorrow we have an unique chance to try it all anew.

All this been said, I’ve been meaning to post a new origami video for a while, but have been too busy and distracted to get to it sooner thinking I just didn’t have the time to make sure it was perfect. But I’m trying something new with this video I’m posting today, and going with the ‘one take only’ technique. I know I could’ve re-shot this whole thing with the final folds coming out better. But by doing it this way I’m practicing the art of being ok with imperfection. A reminder that sometimes it takes time to get really good at something, and until we are, we should be ok with what is right now.

I love my little imperfect star, I hope you enjoy my little imperfect video.