Monday Muse: Frida Kahlo

Sometimes we encounter really painful things… things that are hard to bear, things that we think that we are too weak to handle, but we are strong enough. You are strong enough. When things are hard, I think about this quote and about Frida Kahlo’s life, about the health problems that she suffered, about the way she used her art to reflect on herself and her environment, and I just feel this sense of awe. I think about the people at the Center and the way they use robots to enable them to cultivate some sense of our idea of “normalcy,” but what is “normal,” really? I think about what they have to endure in a world that does not cater to them. I think about what they have suffered from those unwilling to understand. There are things that I will never suffer for, yet other people will because of our differences on multiple levels. But life is so much more than enduring the hard times. It is enjoying the good things no matter how big or small, and it is finding happiness in whatever way we can. We do not simply endure; we thrive. Thank you, Frida, for giving us the words and the art to better understand not only your experiences, but our own.