Meeting Atlanta’s Most Eligible Bachelor

Have you ever experienced something so awful that you just can’t help but laugh at it? Like, you had a horrible time but it was so bad that it reached comedic proportions?

Let me backtrack a bit.

Tonight was the gala. First, let me say that my expectations were more than met in terms of attendees, food, atmosphere, etc. But I hadn’t anticipated just how overwhelming high class this event was. I mean, I knew that I was working the event, and based on my attire… honestly everyone else probably knew too. Being acutely aware of class difference is something that I’ve experienced from time to time, but never for hours on end. I felt so uncomfortable in my own skin. Now couple that with rich patrons who don’t want to let me do my job, or think that they know how to do my job better than me, well… let’s just say that the awfulness of the evening gradually got about 200% worse.

What’s more, it’s especially difficult when you’re talked down to by someone that you admire and respect for their hard work, especially someone who you thought was more open and understanding. I have a job to do so I was going to do it! I walked over to him to usher him towards where photos were being taken, because of course there has to be photographic proof that everyone was there. I don’t know what I did wrong but I was met with a curt and rather rude “someone doesn’t know how this works and perhaps should know better,” and then he proceeded to ignore me.

You know those smiles that get pasted on your face because you know if you let them vanish you’ll start crying or yelling very, very loudly? Now picture that on my face. It’s not even that I was angry or anything. OK, perhaps I’m a little angry… but more than anything I feel disappointed and I guess, embarrassed?

Everyone’s eyes prying on me just because I wasn’t sparkling in Gucci or some other swanky outfit was one thing, but then to have the way I do my job scrutinized like that in front of everyone by someone who doesn’t even know me? It was all too much. And to think he’s been named Atlanta’s most eligible bachelor by the most recent issue of ‘Mediation Today’!

I think a night of ice cream and warm blankets is in order.