Meeting Abigail

There’s this girl that comes to the Center who has caught my attention lately. She comes to the center often, I see her around, helping the young kids… but I’ve never really had the chance to talk to her before today.

I was heading out to my coding class after work and she was there, that backpack that she always carries slung over her back and clothes that I swear she’s worn for the past few visits. She looked upset, so I offered my help. I walked over and asked her what was going on. She seemed a bit reluctant to tell me but she was very forthcoming. She has been through so much. One of her closest friends, scratch that, her ONLY friend has recently passed away. And if that wasn’t enough, her home life is quite the financial mess, so the Center is the one place where she feels safe.

The Center, out of all the places in this city, is the one place where she feels totally safe.

Guys. I know that the work I do here is important, never have I questioned that. We see all types here, those who just need a place to hang out, those who need help, those who just need a place to be. But today, this girl, she needed the space in a way that I’m not entirely used to. She just wants to work on her own projects, relax, and feel safe. Working for the Center as long as I have and knowing that yes, we are a safe space, today was the first time that I’ve seen to what extent it truly is. We’re doing something here, making a difference for those who really need it.

I’m keeping an eye on her.