I wish I had more hours in the day

By definition I am a floater: I go where I am needed. I guess my definition of where I’m needed and my superior’s definition are very different. I suppose this one might be on me, though. I was making my rounds through the Center today, checking up on our regulars and seeing if anyone needed help. We had someone new come in today, a cute little 10 year old boy with his mother in tow. They seemed a little lost so I gave them the grand tour! I introduced him to one of our robots and his face lit up, his hands eager to figure out how it worked and to interact with it. He was absorbed in no time. Maybe I spent too much time with them, maybe I should’ve rushed back to my office, but needless to say my boss saw me and told me that I had multiple assignments that she was waiting for me to finish. To be quite honest, I had lost track of time since I was with this boy and his family, but I mean isn’t that also what my job supposed to be? I’m supposed to help those who come here, not just file paperwork endlessly. Sometimes it seems like it’s not enough.

Oh well! At least I managed to help someone today. That makes it all worth it in the end.