Email Exchange

We can’t be perfect all the time; everybody is bound to mess up every now and then. I have accepted that, I make mistakes and that is perfectly OK so long as I learn from them. When someone points out a mistake that I’ve made and refuses to give me the opportunity to fix myself or even teach me how to fix it, however, I can’t say that person will wind up in my good graces. This is all to say that I made another mistake at work today, which seems pretty par for the course lately, but this time it was a bit of a big deal. I sent an email to a potential sponsor and made the mistake of sending it directly to a higher-up of the company who then promptly informed me that the tone/language of my letter was inappropriate and denied our funding. Just let that sink in for a moment. There are bigger things at stake here than the way I speak in an email such as making sure that this Center remains open and stocked for the people who need it. How could he get caught up on something so trivial, something so easily fixable, when this Center is relied on by so many people? I suppose that’s truly the difference between those who have it all and those who must come to them for help.