Clookie The Emotikai

Thanks to the encouragement of friends I’ve finally decided to come on out and share a sneak peak of the passion project I’ve been working on. I am creating an app meant to help Autistic kids further their communication skills at home and on the go through the interaction of what I call Emotikai creatures. The idea is that they can learn by helping the little Emotikais when they get into trouble and need assistance and/or explanations. I think helping is also the best way to learn.

I have designed an entire collection of these Artificial Intelligence friends who are meant to have a customized and personalized interaction with the children that adopt them. The Emotikai have unique personalities and live in a virtual world of their own that the children can explore at their on pace while learning language skills, human interaction cues, and many other helpful things.

So far I have created the character sketches and diagramed the internal logic for the characters. But actually programming the app by myself is taking me a very long time. This is by far the hardest thing I have ever tried to accomplish.

Today I’m sharing with all of you my preliminary work on Clookie, and alarm clock pet who is passionate about time, numbers, and math. I hope you all like the video I captured of one of my original sketches of Clookie. Tweet me if you like my design @epearlhouse and if you have any insights of how you would like Clookie to be helpful.

Thanks guys!