About Me

Hello there,

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Emily Louise Pearlhouse, and Origami Forward is where I keep my daily musings and interesting finds. I love motivating and inspiring others, and I absolutely love origami. In fact, I keep a channel on YouTube where I share fun and interesting facts about origami while teaching how to fold popular and interesting shapes. My goal is to change the world, one fold at a time.

I also love working with kids. I work at the Center of Autistic Robotic Inteaction (CARIN), where I get to assist kids and young adults in the Autistic spectrum learn better communication skills. I love the notion of using technology to help people in need. I look up to Alan Turing, Ada Lovelace, Limor Fried, Maja Mataric, Cynthia Breazeal, Daphne Koller, and other women of computer science working in the field of AI.

I hope you like it here, and you stick around to follow my journey online. Thanks for stopping by!

– Emily